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Food Camp Provides Food for Thought for Croydon’s Youngsters Posted On 10 September 2021

Children in Croydon have recently finished a charity-run food camp, during which they learnt how to cook nutritious meals


The four-week camp, which was accessible for children between the ages of 7-11, ran from August 9th to September 2nd, by charity Good Foods Matters.

As well as upholding traditional summer camp values, such as ensuring that all children have opportunity to experience play, and form friendships with fellow peers, a large focus was on the food element which the charity is known for.

Good Foods Matters, which was founded in 2007 by Evelyn Findlater MBE, has a very simple mission: To ‘provide the space, knowledge and support to help our community grow, cook and enjoy nutritious food’. The charity runs events throughout the year in their community kitchen and garden, designed to give people young and old the motivation and skills to cook balanced meals and simultaneously, gain confidence.

As well as larger initiatives, such as the summer camps, the charity holds weekly events. For example, on Mondays, those who are interested can take part in the World Food session with the CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning and Training), whereas Fridays are for those keen to get involved with Community Food Growing.

Amanda McGrath, managing director of Good Food Matters, explained the success of this particular camp, saying, ‘Good food matters have been running free summer programs for six years and this year was the best ever’.

She went on to add, ‘We had so much fun, the young people cooked lots of recipes, learnt bushcraft skills with LWT, ASBO media ran digital skills plus gardening, sport and crafts, woodland walks’.

The camp also got the seal of approval from the Council, who helped fund the camp, and in particular, Felicity Flynn, who is Croydon’s Mayor. She visited the camp on the final day.

Amanda concluded by looking forward to the future of the camp, by stating, ‘We can’t wait for next summer’.

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